Official supporters of Kontext TV:


Noam Chomsky, Professor em. for Linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, political acitivst and author of more than 100 books

Nnimmo Bassey, environmental activist, chair of the board of Environmental Rights Action, Right Livelihood Award laureate, Nigeria

Pat Mooney, Right Livelihood Award laureate and director of the „Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration“ (ETC), Canada

Susan George, President of the  Transnational Institute, Amsterdam

Daniela Dahn, journalist and writer, co-founder of the East German oppositional group "Demokratischer Aufbruch"

Peter Grottian, Prof. em. for political science, Free University of Berlin

Sabine Leidig, former director of Attac Germany, member of the German Parliament

Roland Roth, Prof. for political science, FH Magdeburg, co-founder ot the "Committee for Civil Rights and Democracy"

Dieter Rucht, Professor for sociology, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, senior researcher on "Zivilgesellschaft, Citizenship und politische Mobilisierung in Europa"

Werner Rügemer, journalist and book author

Peter Wahl, author and und senior researcher at WEED (Weltwirtschaft, Umwelt und Entwicklung)

Dr. Winfried Wolf, editor-in-chief of the German monthly Lunapark21 - Zeitschrift zur Kritik der globalen Ökonomie

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by Noam Chomsky:

"Contemporary society faces problems of fateful significance.  There are many complexities and intricate factors, often poorly understood.  If there is to be any hope for serious approaches to tasks reaching literally as far as decent survival of the species, it is crucial that democratic processes function in a constructive way.  A prerequisite is that citizens have readily available to them accurate information, a rich variety of perspectives, and encouragement to think clearly and creatively.  In brief, they need independent media, free from the constraints imposed by concentrations of power and rigid ideological frameworks, both stimulating activist organizations and drawing from their experiences and ideas."