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In this video, world-renowned linguist and dissident Noam Chomsky speaks with Fabian Scheidler, author of the book “The End of the Megamachine. A Brief History of a Failing Civilization” ( The conversation, moderated by Nermeen Shaikh, focuses on the destructive forces that are threatening human survival and the future of life on earth.

The topics include: state violence, from its inception in antiquity to our days; structural violence and property relations in early history and today; ideological power and the media; the “tyranny of linear thinking” and the destruction of the biosphere; the need for a new internationalism that can overcome the nation state system and borders; US attempts to destroy internationalism (WHO, Paris climate agreement, Iran nuclear deal); the US facing a possible civil war; the misconstruction of the European Union, the neoliberal plague and the rise of the “reactionary international”; the climate crisis and climate refugees; the convergence of social movements and prospects for a post-capitalist world.


Fabian Scheidler in conversation with Indian scholar and seed activist Vandana Shiva about the destruction of the biosphere, economic grwoth, climate change, pandemics and habitat loss of wild animals, old and new colonialism, the limits of capitalism and perspectives for a profound system change. Hosted by journalist Nermeen Shaikh (Democracynow).


Decades of neoliberal policies have undermined the cohesion of societies worldwide and created the conditions for the rise of right-wing demagogues and fascists, according to George Monbiot. At the same time, the world is heading to climate collapse and a breakdown of food production. Industrial agriculture, especially meat production, is one of the key causes for the destruction of biodiversity, soils, fresh water resources, and forests. In addition to “direct action” by groups like “Extinction Rebellion” and “Fridays for Future”, we urgently need, as Monbiot stresses, a new progressive narrative in order to replace a morally, economically and politically bankrupt neoliberalism.

Der Kampf um globale Gerechtigkeit