Latin America

23.10.2014 Reclaiming Control of Our Lives: The Commons Movement and Urban Gardening in Detroit, New York and Latin America

Silvia Federici, professor emerita for Political Philosophy at Hofstra University, Long Island, NY; political activist and author of several books, including "Caliban and the Witch"

07.02.2014 What We Can Learn from the Take Overs in Argentina: The Return of the Coordinator Class

Michael Albert: US writer, activist and economist, co-founder of ZMag and t ZNet, author of "Realizing Hope. Life Beyond Capitalism" and "Parecon" ("Participatory Economics")

02.07.2012 Oscar Olivera: The "Water War" of Cochabamba and the Rights of Nature

Oscar Olivera, water activist from Cochabamba, Bolivia

07.03.2011 The Rise of the Global South: From Structural Adjustments to Anti-Davos
Chico Whitacker, co-founder of the Wold Social Forum, Brazil
Jai Sen CACIM, India
Susan George, Transnational Institute / Attac France
Nicola Bullard, Focus on the Global South, Thailand
24.03.2010 Growing Independence of Latin American States, U.S. Re-Militarizes

Noam Chomsky: Linguist, Intellctual and Political Activist