28.04.2021 “If You Do Not Speak Out against Injustice, You Become Complicit in It”: Jewish Scholar Sara Roy on Gaza, Israel and the Occupation
28.09.2020 Noam Chomsky, Fabian Scheidler: The Crisis of Civilization and "The End of the Megamachine"
Vandana Shiva, Fabian Scheidler: Ecocide, industrial agriculture and the Megamachine 18.09.2020 Vandana Shiva, Fabian Scheidler: Ecocide, Industrial Agriculture and the Megamachine
27.02.2019 George Monbiot: Alienation, Environmental Breakdown and the Search for a New Progressive Narrative
15.05.2018 Norman Finkelstein on Israel-Palestine: „I Think that Gandhian Tactics Can Work”
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07.03.2017 Richard Wolff: The Angry Working Class and the Quest for a New Economic Order
07.02.2017 Edward Snowden: Lifting the Shield of Government Secrecy
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20.05.2015 Immanuel Wallerstein: The Global Systemic Crisis and the Struggle for a Post-Capitalist World
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23.09.2014 The Struggle for the Commons
19.09.2014 People's Climate March: Resistance against Climate Crimes
23.05.2014 "Fascism Inc.": Greece and the Rise of the Extreme Right in Europe
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24.11.2011 "The System Has No Way of Solving The Problem.": U.S. Economist Richard Wolff about the Crisis in the U.S. and Europe
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31.10.2011 EU Troika Drives Greece into Humanitarian Crisis
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