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In this election campaign the concerns of Americans were not even once considered as an issue, neither by the candidates nor the main stream media: Nothing was heard of climate protection, poverty, the divestiture of the over powering finance industry; there were no debates about the introduction of a national health system, the reduction of the bloated 400 billion dollar Pentagon budget, the end of wars and torture, nor the protection of civil rights. Instead the campaigns offered slogans like “Rebuild America” while the financial industry and investors like the highly influential Koch brothers pumped enormous sums into the Democratic and Republican election campaigns. But there is also an alternative agenda for the reconstruction of America beyond that of Romney and Obama.

Amy Goodman: Host of Democracy Now!, Right Livelihood Award Laureate and author of "The Silenced Majority"
Medea Benjamin: Founder of Code Pink und author of "Drone Warfare"
Michael Albert: Founder of ZCommunications and South End Press; Author of "Beyond Capitalism"
Bill McKibben: Environmental journalist and activist, founder of 350.org, author of "The End of Nature"
Vivek Chibber: Sociologist at the New York University, words at the Brecht Forum und Left Forum
Benjamin Day: Activist with MassCare