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In Europe tens of thousands of people took to the streets. In the beginning of the last year in Tunisia a desperate fruit seller burnt himself and thereby triggered the Arab Spring. While in the US significant protests during the bank bailout, the intensified financial and economic crisis, the continued occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan and the expanded drone war were missing. Many of the big social movements which supported Obama's election campaign were unwilling to mobilize against him. Then came the demonstrations in Wisconsin and the Occupy Movement. They developed into the largest and diversified protest movement in the US since decades. Even if the occupy tent camps slowly disappeared in the last months or were cleared by the police, dissatisfaction with politics and the system has been growing amongst the people.

Amy Goodman: Host of Democracy Now!, Right Livelihood Award Laureate and author of "The Silenced Majority"
Medea Benjamin: Founder of Code Pink und author of "Drone Warfare"
Vivek Chibber: Sociologist at the New York University, words at the Brecht Forum und Left Forum
John Nichols: Correspondent of "The Nation", author of "Uprising. From Wisconsin to Wall Street"