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Barack Obama promised to close Guantanamo, end the Iraq war, take the global leadership in alternative energies, and to stand for social equality and fair taxes. Obama did not keep many of his promises, many hopes were left disappointed. He escalated the war in Afghanistan and expanded the illegal drone warfare. In the last years, four million families in the United States have lost their homes through mortgage repossession by banks, while the financial industry profited and showered themselves with bonuses. With his health system reform Obama blocked the introduction of national health insurance. His civil liberty policy is today seen as more restrictive than his predecessor Bush. Under Obama's presidency more whistleblowers were jailed than under all preceding US presidents combined.

Amy Goodman: Host of Democracy Now!, Right Livelihood Award Laureate and author of "The Silenced Majority"
Medea Benjamin: Founder of Code Pink und author of "Drone Warfare"
Michael Albert: Founder of ZCommunications and South End Press; author of "Beyond Capitalism"
Bill McKibben: Environmental journalist and activist, founder of 350.org, author of "The End of Nature"
Vivek Chibber: Sociologist at the New York University, words at the Brecht Forum und Left Forum
Benjamin Day: Activist with MassCare