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Beside the Democratic and Republican candidates are a number of other candidates from independent parties such as, for example, Jill Stein of the Green Party or Rocky Anderson of the Justice party. Still, only President Barack Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney were invited to the televised debates. Voter turnout in the USA is one of the lowest in the industrial world. The financing of elections has reached astronomical dimensions. The Democratic and Republican campaigns have received around six billion dollars especilly from the financial industry, corporations, investors and the wealthy. Meanwhile many voters are disillusioned by the two party system. They are under the impression that neither party represents the interests of the majority of the people.

Amy Goodman: Host of Democracy Now!, Right Livelihood Award Laureate and author of "The Silenced Majority"
Medea Benjamin: Founder of Code Pink und author of "Drone Warfare"
Michael Albert: Founder of ZCommunications and South End Press; author of "Beyond Capitalism"
Bill McKibben: Environmental journalist and activist, founder of 350.org, author of "The End of Nature"
Vivek Chibber: Sociologist at the New York University, words at the Brecht Forum und Left Forum
John Nichols: Correspondent of "The Nation", author of "Uprising. From Wisconsin to Wall Street"