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Aris Chatzistenaou, journalist and filmmaker from Athens, director of "Debtocracy", "Catastroika" and "Fascism Inc.)

In his new documentary „Fascism Inc.“, Aris Chatzistefanou shows how industrials and bankers supported fascism in the 1920s and 30s in order to destroy socialist movements and trade unions. Today - again in times of crisis - this pattern reoccurs at the periphery of Europe: In Greece extreme right wing parties like “Golden Dawn” and “LAOS” have been supported by parts of the economic elites and media corporations. “LAOS” was even welcomed by the EU and the IMF as part of the non-elected government of Lucas Papadimos. In the Ukraine as well the EU, the US and the IMF have supported a government with the participation of the Neonazi party Svoboda in order to enforce their economic and geopolitical agenda – a risky game that can easily get out of control.

While prime minister Samaras speaks of a “Greek success story” reality looks quite different: Public debt has increased from 120 per cent of GDP to 180 per cent. The suicide rate is soaring. The public health and education systems have already been largely destroyed, says Chatzistefanou. According to physicians existential fear and poverty would lead also to a heavy rise in cardiovascular diseases – often with deadly consequences. The alleged primary surplus were fictitious as government debts – including unpaid salaries – were not taken into account. The left – including Syriza – would only be able to counter neoliberal policies if a massive social movement will support a progressive government as in parts of Latin America.